about Dead Horse

How do we do it?


To create the things we use only natural leather genuine chrome and vegetable tanning.

The main producers of skin – Ukrainian, sometimes – Turkish and Italian.

For belts, we use a continuous, single layer, skin bull thickness of 4 – 4,5 mm.

For bags and purses, typically used skin thickness 0.9 mm -2. Lining for bags made or union with a thickness of 1 mm or goat leather.

Our production – small-lot, because we do not buy a lot of skin type and color. In this regard, all things Dead Horse made limited series. Each of our purse, belt or bag with unique features associated with the skin, from which they were made, and – the work of a particular master who created them.

We cut the skin and engraving laser. All processes occurring later – cleaning, painting, stamping, polishing, finishing finish made hands.

Chemicals we use, the American leading manufacturers, it meets the highest quality requirements and is safe for health.

We do not use sewing machines. Dead Horse All things are made only his hands.

Production belt or purse lasts two-three days, bags – about a week.

We do only what we like.

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